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miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2013


Agora Gallery News

International Fine Art Competition

Art ContestAll Artists 18 and over from anywhere in the world are invited to enter the 28th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition.
Sponsored by Chelsea’s Agora Gallery, the contest will be accepting entries from February 12, 2013. The prizes for selected artists are specifically chosen to enhance and promote careers in fine art. Remember to use high quality images to give the juror the best and most accurate impression of your work. There is a $35 entry fee for up to 5 images; $5 for each additional image. The juror of the 2013 competition is well-known writer, reporter and art critic Anthony Haden-Guest.
Whether your native tongue is French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, or English, You can enter the competition in your language: English | FrançaisDeutschEspañolPусский |Italiano

"Art to Heart" in Support of the Children's Heart Foundation

Art to HeartFebruary is Heart Month in America, a time to give thought to the nationwide problem of heart and blood vessel diseases, and to think about what we can each do to help those suffering from heart diseases, and their families.
Agora Gallery is marking the event this year with our 'Art to Heart'initiative. Artists in our February exhibition were invited to create a piece of artwork specifically intended for this cause, one that was connected to their experiences, thoughts or ideas relating to the heart. All of the proceeds from the sales of these works will go to support the work of the Children's Heart Foundation.

Susan Clinard's Tribute to the Children of Sandy Hook Elementary

Sandyhook tribute_Susan ClinardWhen the world heard about the terrible events at Sandy Hook, the shock and horror were felt everywhere. Many of us have found it difficult to come to terms with what happened that day. Agora artist Susan Clinard found expression for her feelings and thoughts through a work of art.
"Weeks after the unspeakable horror that visited Sandy Hook elementary school, I could not let this settle in me without moving my hands. Without the words to express my thoughts to the world I chose to just make something that I felt had a healing quality to it. 'Twenty,' I call it, after the 20 children who were killed. I rendered the small figures with no detail in mind but I had all of the children's names written down by my side. Their journey continues... Our journey continues... When our 3 1/2 year old asked about what happens to us after we die, my husband and I tried to explain and said that we are a big ball of love and we enter the hearts and the beauty of this world. The love never dies."
Click here to read the complete article.

Humanitarians: Jennifer Contini Enderby

Jennifer Contini Enderby is one of the artists who donated a painting to Agora's 'Art to Heart' initiative in support of Heart Month and the Children's Heart Foundation. In addition to donating the proceeds of one work through 'Art to Heart', Jennifer went one step further, and took part in NYC's Heart Walk, putting extra effort into helping those who have to live with heart defects, and their families.
"Last month my daughter and I participated in the Heart Walk here in NYC! We were warmly welcomed by all the families who have loved ones born with Congenital Heart disease. After the walk, I donated a 12"x12" painting to raise money for our New York chapter. The painting was raffled off live in front of the hundreds who had participated in the walk.
The heart I painted was surrounded by Lego blocks in bright vibrant colors! I painted it inspired by the children I met who live with a heart disease, yet continue to live as normal a life as they possibly can. I wanted the piece to speak to these children more than anyone.
Since the heart walk, I have connected with another chapter in Pennsylvania, and they have asked me to donate a piece for their upcoming silent auction golf event in Hershey, PA. Giving back to organizations like this inspires me!
My simple motto:"IF I'M NOT GIVING, I'M NOT LIVING"... and so through my art, with my hands, energy, imagination, and spiritual beliefs, I continue to paint these original hearts that bring light and love into this world... My love is alive! "

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