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jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012


Fashion and ArtThere has always been a close connection between fashion and fine art, but many people are not aware of the enormous impact art has had on fashion in recent years. This fascinating topic was recently addressed by Charles McGrath of the NY Times and forms the focus of the cover article of the 27th issue of ARTisSpectrum. In Pomp & Exaltation: The Influence of Fine Art on Fashion, the reader can get a sense of the endless possibilities that such a collaboration can create and of the marvelous innovations it has already sparked.
Read the Article Pomp & Exaltation:

ARTisSpectrum Online

ARTisSpectrumThe latest issue of ARTisSpectrum, Agora Gallery’s biannual contemporary art magazine, is now online! Print copies won’t be hitting the shelves until later in the month, but readers who just can’t wait to see what the 27th issue contains can get a sneak preview by visiting the website, which has already been updated. There are the usual great profiles of up-and-coming talented artists, as well as excellent articles on a range of themes, from the leading article about fashion and fine art to a discussion of the artistic process, and much more. Old favorites also return, with artists explaining their impressions of New York City in Evoking the Muse and sharing their secrets about what to do to enjoy the art in their home city in ARTbeat.
To dive into the latest issue, go to: .

April 26th - Opening Reception

Art ReceptionThe evening of Thursday April 26 saw another lively reception at Agora Gallery, the opening event for the exhibitions Altered States of Reality, Symphony of Color and the first Flagstaff Gallery show, presenting the works of that gallery’s New Zealand artists to the New York art scene. The atmosphere was consistently animated and full of admiration and excitement.
Israeli fine art photographer Shifra made a stir with her evocative, intriguing images, as did Michelle Hold with her wonderful and restrained creations. Iranian artist Shokoufeh Malekkiani discussed her art and the truly inspiring work she does in helping women in difficult circumstances, while Claude Charlebois delighted his willing audience with an audio piece of poetry that accompanied his work. Marty Maehr’s dazzlingly lovely works were the subject of much interest, and as he was able to attend the reception with his parents, they had the pleasure of seeing their son’s art fully appreciated.
receptionNY native Nicholai Khan also brought guests, a large crowd from his hometown who were thrilled to see his innovative pieces forming part of the exhibition, while Vera L.P. Cauwenberghs came with her daughter, so that both of them could see the reactions to her charming, colorful works. Many visitors were fascinated by the gourd sculptures of Xiaoli Yang, each one named after the famous artist who inspired it, and W. M. Vinci and Doug Gilbert got off to an excellent start by bringing along personalized chocolates to promote their work, which fully deserve the attention received as a result.
receptionAt the same time, the Flagstaff exhibition, Made in New Zealand: An Exhibition of Fine Art from New Zealand had a special program which highlighted the unique character that the artists’ New Zealand background gives to their art. Moving and beautifully arranged to complement the works on display, it was much enjoyed by all who took part.

Kudos and Accolades

We are delighted to congratulate Salvatore Panasci, Michelle Benjamin and Lane M. Duncan on their recent achievements. It is a pleasure to see their considerable talent being so widely and publically recognized.
Salvatore Panasci Congratulations to Salvatore Panasci on the recent acquisition of one of his paintings by the U.S. Ambassador to Jordan. The piece is intended to be hung in the ambassador’s personal residence. The painting had previously been exhibited at Agora Gallery when Salvatore took part in the exhibition ‘Labyrinth of Abstraction’ and we are confident that it will look wonderful in its new home.
Michelle BenjaminMichelle Benjamin is currently exhibiting her thought-provoking and inspiring works in Altered States of Reality, which will be at Agora Gallery until May 15, 2012. The digital artist comes from South Africa, where she has been made aware of the ravages of the rhino poaching crisis. Determined to use her abilities to help these wonderful creatures, and passionately committed to aiding their preservation, Michelle has created several pieces of artworks which depict rhinos and are intended to spread awareness of their plight to people who may not be aware of it, as well as celebrate these impressive animals. In addition, she is donating proceeds from the sale of certain works to" Save the Rhino International."
Lane M. DuncanLane. M. Duncan is giving a series of lectures and exhibitions in a number of museums in the southeast, showing work similar to that which was shown at Agora Gallery earlier in the year in ‘Figuratively Speaking.’ The topics covered include Raphael’s portrait of Castiglione and the Renaissance Ideal, and Nuance, with reference to Lane M. Duncan’s Paris paintings, done over a period of years.

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